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Couples Coaching 

In the healthiest of relationships, a couple will still feel anger toward each other at times. They will have quarrels, even serious conflicts. Repairs are the life jackets of all relationships. Their effectiveness determines whether a relationship will live or die. Relationships require being there for each other both through life changing traumas and everyday stresses. Each person will learn what the other requires to feel loved, protected, and supported.

-John Gotten, Ph.D.

Romantic Walk in Sunset

When you are in an intimate relationship you are in a dynamic where triggers will be touched and old wounds will show up for you and your partner(s). But in those moments of tension is where you and your partner(s) can process and heal each other's wounds. Ruptures are inevitable in every relationship and I can teach you and your partner(s) how to repair and reconnect in order to build a secure attachment and sustain intimacy. Repair is required for any relationship structure you are practicing: monogamy, consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, open marriage/relationship, or relationship anarchy. All require a deeper understanding of self and your triggers, as well as your partners, and the capacity to communicate clearly. 

More than a third of Americans in relationships are sexually unsatisfied and most of our sexual distress is from a psychological cause not a physical one. In our work together we will discover what your needs and wants are sexually as well as your partner(s). It is just as empowering to know what turns you off as well as on. We will discover many ways to bring more pleasure, satisfaction and intimacy into your relationship. My mission will be to help you better understand yourself and your partner and how you both can have the most pleasurable sex life.

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