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A little bit about me.

I believe that relationships are the most important connections humans can have and that acquiring the skills that nourish those relationships are vital to our happiness and fulfillment. I'm a trained sex and relationship coach and I help my clients improve their intimate relationships and uncover their sexual potential. I'm passionate about guiding my clients in discovering their sexual desires in a safe space where they can freely talk about their needs, their fantasies, their fears and insecurities without shame. 

I received my BA in Theatre from Temple University and subsequently completed a 2-year certificate in advanced performance training from the Pig Iron Theatre Company. The company’s pedagogy, focused on physicality and movement, helped me discover the freedom of my body and ignited the confidence to express myself, to take risks, and to fully accept and trust my body. The pain and pleasure of personal relationships are felt in the body; My unique background, personal experience and Somatica® Method training have equipped me to help my clients enhance the connection to their body, to increase pleasure, sexual satisfaction and deepen their intimate relationships. For years I've sought out teachers and mentors who have been doing this work and guiding their students to continue to learn and expand in order to help others do the same. We are all a work in progress and it's never too late to dive deep into the explorations of intimacy. 

I know old habits are not easy to break and seeking help is difficult. Creating healthier choices for ourselves can feel foreign and at times uncomfortable. But acknowledging that you want more for yourself and your relationships is a great first step in awareness. You are in good company, I've had to face and bring to light my own bad habits and patterns and choose differently in order to uncover the profound intimacy I was truly capable of experiencing. I've gone through many bumps, falls and spirals that we all experience in being human and relating to others. But I also give myself credit for the progress I've made in my personal relationships as well as the intimacy I have been able to cultivate within myself. This journey towards coaching has been the most fulfilling and empowering experience in my life. And that’s why I feel so passionate to connect with you, to offer solid guidance wherever you are at in your life and to navigate you towards who you truly are. 

"The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships."

                                                              -Esther Perel, Mating in Captivity
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