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Empowerment in Dating 

Working with Jenna has been a wonderfully inviting experience! Not only is her communication on spot, she's always super cognizant of my comfortability, making her coaching palatable, encouraging, and also very affirming. I felt so free and so seen when talking about my body experiences with her. I hope that other curious humans get to experience that with her in the future.

-Anthony S. 

Gay Pride Celebrations

Dating is a great opportunity for adventure and growth. Together we will work on gaining confidence and empowerment in the dating world. You will build skills in initiating and flirting, you'll learn how to maintain your boundaries, and how to recognize red flags as well as the green ones. You will also become better at handling rejection and how to say no to the wrong people faster. Together we can navigate the sea of online dating/apps and decide which is best suited for you and build a profile so you can be matched with the people you want to connect with. We will also practice becoming more aware of listening to your body-which will give you so much information about how you are feeling during the dating process.

Whether you're new to dating, getting back on that proverbial saddle, or you've been dating for awhile but you're not making the connections you crave, my mission will be to guide you in shifting your mindset to enjoy all the experiences that dating has to offer as well as making healthier and more conscious decisions in the process. You'll actually start to enjoy dating. I know I did.

Being single and dating isn't some plague you need to run from or a moment in your life that should be rushed. Let's  embrace this time and discover who you are and what kind of partner will add more joy to your life. How's that sound?

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