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Healing from a Breakup 

Jenna is an amazing coach! I've been seeing her during my recent breakup. The feeling of truly being accepted for who I am has been transformative. She shares from her own experience with breakups which has brought me wisdom and let me know, in a visceral way, I am not alone. We have talked about everything from the pain of my breakup to what I want in my next relationship, including some things about my sexuality I haven't shared with anyone else in my life. 

-Chuck R.

Girls Lying on Ground

Breakups can leave you feeling devastated, depressed, confused and lonely. The ending of a relationship can have an emotional impact on our lives because it is a loss, therefore grieving is essential for healing. 

If you're currently going through a breakup, or feel like you're not over the end of a past relationship or feel like a breakup is on the horizon I can help you process the assortment of emotions that will come flooding in as well as finding your inner strength. You will also learn more about yourself and your relationship patterns. I'll guide you towards making positive choices to influence healing and make peace with what happened. The ending of a relationship is the best catalyst for growth and you will heal, learn and love again.

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